Subscription for the Healers Increasing Their Reach program

If you are

  • a healer with any modality
  • the only person responsible to get clients through the physical or virtual door of your practice
  • determined to have a business going with your healing modality as your main product

Then, you know that you have to increase your reach and increase the number of people to whom you offer your products or services.

With any offer, besides the quantum magick of the attraction point, there is a numbers game that is going on:

  • How many people will have to be touched, to hit the pivoting point of financial abundance and prosperity for you?
  • How many times will people have to be touched and reminded of you to finally decide to become paying customers? 
  • How do you monetize a community/group where you are already loved and adored?

In this online course with LIVE interactions, I will show you what you have to do, be, and have to build a successful business based on your spiritual gifts, and your healing practice.

Healers Increasing Their Reach in 60 days or less (420 × 300 px)
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