#Real Talk Real Women podcast guest worksheet

Please provide as many details as you can to prepare for the recording and publishing of your podcast episode of Real Talk Real Women with Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff.


Your best email address

I know, I already have it, but this is so that I don't get mixed up with your information, and that also allows you to share another email address if in the meantime you have updated something in your business.


A great headshot of yourself that you're happy with

This headshot will be used in all the graphics to promote your episode.

preferably a square, but if it's another size, we can always use it differently.

Take a look at our Instagram feed to see the current collection of headshots of our published guest speakers:

Attach file

Your name as you want it to appear online

It doesn't have to be all your first names and all your last names.

If you have a pen name, or a name you use everywhere online, this is the one that goes here. 

Here is how we are going to use it:
[season#episode#] [title of the episode] with [your pen name]

Example: S1E25 Give Yourself Permission with Melinda Kunst


Your favorite topic(s) / titles

If you are not sure yet, throw a few keywords of your life experience we can draw from to create a unique eye-catching title.


You short bio (3 paragraphs to introduce you)

If you don't know which part to choose from your long bio, you can paste it all here, and we will decide together what is the most relevant to showcase your expertise, credentials, and current way of serving your clients.

If you need some guidance putting it together, try using this structure:

The first paragraph talks about your personal experience regarding abuse

The second paragraph talks about your professional experience and the academic/university credentials you are proud of, as well as the awards you were nominated for or won.

The third paragraph talks about your current business: who is your ideal client, what problem you solve, how people feel when they have this problem, and how they feel after having worked with you, in a one-liner exercise.

(This is a structured guide, you do not have to follow it. I’ll go with whatever you post here that you feel comfortable with when I will introduce you and this will also be published on your speaker page for your episode.


If you want to upload another file

a long bio, a resume, a flyer, or something else, feel free to do it here (this is optional)

Attach file

How can people reach out to you

website, email address, phone number, location, social media handles where you are the most active, and a freebie if you want them to join your email list [which I highly recommend]. (This information will be public, so share only what you're comfortable with being published publicly)


Media release form

By participating in an interview with one of our show hosts, you authorize Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff to distribute and disseminate materials produced and Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff holds all rights to the produced media of all types, as well as licensing, for future use in speeches, books, instructional materials, products, promotion, marketing and in all other public distribution, through herself and every company or legal structure she may be a part of.

You agree to share nothing that could be considered slanderous, liable, or lead to any legal proceedings and that you are fully responsible for any legal dispute arising from such content.

Do you agree with the above-stated terms and conditions?


Thank you so much!

I look forward to recording this episode with you and to publishing / promoting your story, your business, your brand, and your projects!

It's going to be a wonderful experience that will bring hope and peace to our listeners, and new leads for you with the growth of this media publication.

If our recording/conversation doesn't go as great as expected, we have no obligation to publish it. We can reschedule another time to record or choose to call it off. No pressure, no rush, it's all going to be all right.

Be infinitely blessed, and thank you for being one of my beloved guest speakers!

Kind regards,


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